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Haydar Linux

Linux Operating System is a new Operating system comparing to other operating systems in the market. this did not prevent Linux from taking the first places between operating systems in its fast growing number of users and popularity.

Haydar Net has always supported Linux, We are also using Linux in all of our servers and terminals. Therefore and to make Linux easier for the personal use, we have decided to make a new Linux distribution to be the daily used operating system for all peoples including Arabs.

Our Mission
Our mission is to make an easy to use and configure Operating System and very good in stability and security, therefore we have made our software package to help users install and configure there sound and video cards beside there personal configuration.
We also want to give the Arabic language its priority by adding full Arabic support to all of our programs.

Company Profile
Haydar Net is a web hosting and programming company, and because we use Linux operating system in all of our servers and our internal network, we could analyze all the needs of the personal and professional users. After many long researches about filling all the system holes such as Arabic support and the difficulties regarding desktop use, we have decided to make a new distribution of this operating system which should be the easiest to use and the most stable and secure operating system.

Contact Information
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Solebaystraat 33-2, 1055 ZK Amsterdam, THE NETHERLANDS

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